When we honour the earth, we honour ourselves.

As a mission-led team, we believe everyone has the right to quality organic and natural food. At Nature’s Worth, we know that responsible sourcing is key to ethical trading. We believe the farmer has to be the centerpiece of the new paradigm, and a direct link with will guarantee fresh and nutritious produce. To ensure that we are responsibly sourcing our ingredients, we actively engage suppliers and small-scale independent farmers in our direct supply chain. We are against child labour and committed to preventing and stopping it whenever it occurs in our supply chain.

Supporting organic means supporting sustainable agriculture through our farmers. We are working on ways to focus on a sustainable, low-carbon future for our planet and adopt a conscious consumer action economy. Our plan is to introduce eco friendly products, bio fertilisers, bio pesticides, bio compostable and other sustainable products that help in preventing wastage or serve as alternatives to preserve the natural environment.

Giving Back – Law of Nature

We believe what we take from earth, we must give back. Our aim is to contribute 2% of our profits every year towards empowering our farmers. 1% of this is contributed towards causes that affect the farmers relating to our products (e.g. floods in Bihar). 1% is towards a NGO associated with the rural farming community in India. This enables them to strengthen their local economy and create local, organic food systems through sustainable agriculture. Each of us is on our own individual journey, yet we’re all part of a community. It is our constant endeavour to promote sustainability for all our partners in the supply chain with a focus on farmers.